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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. after a violent night, officials are using a strict curfew in ferguson, missouri. cleaning up the damage to protesters reacting to the controversy. . and pro testing against a ship that was set to arrive from israel in oakland today. and how a community is coming together to find justice
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for that little girl. >> complete bay area coverage is starting right now. this is ktvu news at six. m. we begin with developing news surrounding the controversy in ferguson, missouri. surrounding michael brown. a tenth standsoff turned dangerous. looters took to the streets in ferguson. peaceful demonstrations escalated into violence. setting trash cans on fire. the state has declared a state om emergency since brown was shot and killed. >> the details are still confusing. and some say he was kild when
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trying to surrender. . >> cleaning up this evening, vandalizing windows. and windows smashes mchd and a korean restaurant and a bank. at least two people arsd during the protests. >> authorities are announcing that hope they are hoping the curfew will curb the violence. police officers could not use excessive force in implementing the curfew. >> today, someone isn't standing straight. not going to with an armored car come out. they got a chance to get up. that's the way it's got to continue. . >> at the same time, hundreds of people gathered across the street from the police sags to
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hold a vigil for michael brown. and still reeling from an officer-involved shooting. and why some are upsateset with the actions of the police department. looking for someone that struck and killed a two yeerl girl. hit them between 4th and fifth. that is where christian is. police have some strong leads in this case, i understand >> they do. and noticed a very increased police presence out here. at least four motor vehicle units patrolling the area. according to the family, the girl, her mother were all crossing the crosswalk. and looking to sur shans footage on how to find that driver. >> a constant flow of pedestrians use this between the parking garage and the west
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field center. last night, ten:o 37. a driver struck and killed a girl. the social media took to calling for justice. >> it's just awful. >> calling for footage in the area and released the image of the car they think was involved. this was a camry, honda or lexus. with a mismatched bumper and black or dark rims. >> somebody watching this knows this car. please come forward. >> heather garza lives close and pedestrians need to be on guard.
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>> they run the red lights. they don't care >> sometimes walking with your kids. >> yeah. especially if you have a littler one. . >> we have the image up one more time. white or light colors 90s model import. police are look to see who had the right of way. and as soon as the driver took off, they broke the law. and you can see some of the added enforgs r forcement. looking for somebody that recognizes that vehicle and that perfect tip. . a young child is dead after being hit by a car in oakland yesterday afternoon. happening around 3:30 around a park. the little girl died at the hospital. there are reports that the girl
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was two years old. the drooir is with police and police are not confirming. they are still investigating. drones are patrolling, dropping bombs near the mosul dam. the air strikes come as pope francis sense an emissary ri. they executed 80 men yesterday after seizing a town in iraq. and they gave the villagers a deadline to convert to islam, and when they wrntd they were killed. governor is indicted. . >> i intend to vote against those who would erode the
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state's institution and laws pure -- state's constitution purely for gain. and i intend to win. >> and an indictment of governor rik perry. $7.5 million in funding for statewide public integrity unit. perry a report says he wanted to carry a woman to resign. >> filed a complaint, the governor acts sometimes like a bully. and trying to bully the da into giving up her job. >> the indictment is an abuse of the court system. calls for perry to resign. ted cruise of texas issued a statement said i'm proud to stand with rik perry. the constitution gives the governor to veto.
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and constitutional authority is on its face, highly suspect. brown was convicted of dui in august. and he was exercising his discretion. >> given that choice again, that is exactly what i would do. >> prosecutors say they will go forward with their task. . several fires along intrers 580 shut down a portion of the freeway. between park boulevard and fruitville avenue. smoke could be seen along the freeway. a man that lives near there called for help. >> i saw huge flames towering above the trees in cyclone fashion and i immediately called 911. >> the highway patrol wants to speak with those who called in
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or reporting something spishs. the cause of the fire remains under suspicion. a fire happened on 85880 around 1220. a flat bed and two passenger vehicles collided. one saw the aftermatt and released this picture. traffic was cleared by about 4:00 p.m.. dmrsh. continuing the back to school court and jury. more bay area school districts are set to kick off this year. including san francisco public schools. more enforcements and 15-mile per hour zones to help kids get around. a few years ago, san francisco was the first city to install 15-mile per hour zones, nournling some to walk or bike
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to schools. students have supplies they need. there's more than 1200 back packs to low income children. they were able to choose from a variety of designs. giving them a fresh start to the year. >> if they didn't have this and be ready for school, they would be really behind the eight ball from the start. >> the give was a community effort with residents. donating more supplies. >> notre dame is investigating academic dishonesty. involving players on the football team. we hear this is not the first time the fighting irish is accused of academic dishobsty.
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>> the clas work for these four was done by someone else. no one known well from them, the team better known as the fighting irish face a second consecutive season. and there's -- >> we're going to have this go wherefore it leads us. and we're going to be thorough. and the possibility may affect coming years. . >> apparently, the evidence that papers and homework done by others. no one being dismissed. the university is investigating whether other state of the unions are involved. graduates say that's the right thing to do. >> notre dame is a greet great
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institution. they would look into the investigations. and i'm proud of that. but it's a little birt sweet that the football teem team -- bittersweet that the football team is being investigates. >> the student under investigation cannot committee xooet until the investigation is over. honoring robin williams. the unique opportunity to look back at the movie moments that made us laugh and cry. coming up, the temperature change in the sunday forecast and when shower chances are going to surface on the lang range weather maps. >> santa rosa.
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. been well-nourished the last few nin minutes, a crowd dispersed near the bay of oakland. protesting the arrival of a ship from israel. protesting the latest attack on gaza. and the occupation of palestine. and it looked to be over a hundred people. >> the. the boy died and sparking new outrage. we have more from santa rosa to the message being sent to the county sheriff's department. >> the shouts and demands of his supporters have echoed for
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nearly a year. their protesting the rump of oorn to full duty patrol next week. been on administrative leave when he mistook his pellet gun for an assault rifle. >> shouldn't have a man come back to work here. that's ridiculous. >> children are scared of what may happen. >> they're afraid. they're fearful. they are afade that they will be next. >> and res deputies like her are there too. haven't been to a protest until now. >> i wouldn'tn't want to call and have him at my front door. >> thinks he should be at the desk for the rest of his career. >> do not want him on the road. things remained peaceful.
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the group's opinions are the mirpt. >> we know the majority of the people in the county are in the law enforcement and public safety in general. where he please that had we can move forward from here. >> they want to prevent his return to work. >> we're not going to stop. >> the slvd sheriff's department is at work and say it's ray re maining peaceful. >> things are back to normal in the city's outer district after a bomb scare. the bomb squad was called to a home on 48th avenue. after a person cleaning out a garage, discovery discovering the items, called police instead. they arrived and determines they were old road flares and fuses that were harmless. mission district today, stopping the eviction of a
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family and highlight what they say is a gentryification of the neighborhood. . >> one lived in this same rent controlled unit for 24 years. for the last four years, been fighting an e vision. this allows them to be evicted if the landlord intended to take the units off the market. >> losing our diversity. this is about keeping families in their hope homes. >> according to to one group, this has decreased by a thousand units in the last two years. an endangered specious ina one county. removing cohost kal monoin woods. and this is they say it's a last
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resort. they will be rehabilitated and returned. let's get a check in on the forecast with mark demay o. . >> typical micro clime. 60s for pacifica. and 90s showing up. concord, fair fooeld and 95 degrees. most areas a little bit cooler going to the sunday forecast. sat lye lite showing the fog. hugging the bay area. there's a closer look of the highway. a lot out here, going to expand in the next few hours. and a few patches in land. santa rosa. , 67. and a lot of 80s to fair field, walnut creek. for tonight, inland and fog will
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be increasing. beautiful frame in here. you get an idea of what the perspective of the fog bank out there. tomorrow, cool coast. and preview. and 49ers playing the bronco koes. in the afternoon hours, increasing sunshine and temperatures in the game. 80 degrees. look what happens in the extended forecast. bring in the chance of a few showers. first thing tomorrow morning, starting in the low to mid 50s. and right around the bay and drizzle out there as well. no big changes for the sunday. 15 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures for tomorrow, still thinking some 80s working your way inland. temperature front dropping in.
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and friday night, possible saturday mork. still a ways out. something we're going to be watching, especially for friday and into saturday with that moisture moving in. here's the model showing the clouds sunday morning. near the shoreline and a little bit cooler than today. still some upper 80s in land. and sunday amp. santa rosa, 81. 90 in land. san francisco, upper 60s. 67 degrees. warming things up by wednesday. and thicken up by thursday. not in the five-day yet. could be track some showers and thunderstorms. has been unusual. that pattern could continue. . >> thanks, mark.
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colin colin. san francisco is honoring robin williams this weekend with
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a film festival. . >> we all know that one. the festival features some of his best work. + doubtfire, bird cage and good morning, vietnam. and people appreciate the chance to see it on the big screen. >> san francisco movie. classic film. bring me back to my childhood jierngs movies run until eight-ton and tomorrow from noon to six if you want to stop by. and admission is free and so is the popcorn. >> 49ers are looking forward to the first game. the adjustments that came from a lot of problems getting to the earthquakes game. more parking lots and traffic signs have been added and more
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officers on hand to help people get things through. tomorrow's game against the broncos. >> and still talking about baseball. . >> bible babel, and the giants, down five. i'm not spending another saturday afternoon plague away from futility. and the other team, the one we saw so aven early in the season. tell you who else did. former dallas quarter back. roger staubach. hunter pence,, gone baby, gone. off of kyle kendrick. and three more. big hit. ryan howard can still do it. six -- the giants haven't been
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able to say that many times. four for them. tying that up. michael morse. walk, two doubles and a triple. and gregor blanco, entering for morse. had a couple hits. including scoring joe panik. and the giants take a close one. throw back uniforms. the a's. celebrating the 1914 series. with the throw back. same old thing. down 3-0. in the atl. one on, two run hailstorm ch off julio teheran. and now, 4-2. victory raiders. even in a preseason game.
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important for morale perp v purposes. and that comes with a cost. derek carr, suffering what coach calls a concussion. welcome to the nfl. larry webster pancaked him. no fracture of the ribs but he must now the concussion property kol before returning to the action that's it for now. >> noi it's the fall when he's here on the weeblgd >> good to be here. >> thank you for joining us. >> and we're always here on facebook and twitter. and on the mobile apps. and more on the protest tonight. it makes me happy to go on the computer. i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast
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